MPUA Text Flirting: Sexual Compliance Leads To Sexting

by Gareth Jones on January 13, 2011

In my Text To Sex program, I talk about the really cool (and very interesting) concept of ‘Textual Compliance’. Yes, it does sound similar to ‘Sexual Compliance’ and yes, that’s the point. Textual compliance is a great way to test a girl’s receptivity to sexual escalation over text (used to arouse her enough to get her thinking entirely emotional in order to bring her over to your place) and it is also fairly straight forward. It’s as simple as this:

Send a sexual statement or broach a sexual topic, being sure to include a safety net. If she complies, it is safe to continue escalation.

Much like general compliance tests or sexual compliance tests in person, her compliance demonstrates her willingness to escalate. For those of you a bit confused, let’s break down each element:

Sexual Statement: A sexually forward element of a conversation that, usually, can also be used as a throwaway statement.
You: “What are you wearing?”

For beginners, these are generally new conversation threads, but can be included in ongoing conversation by the quick witted.
Her: “The test was so difficult today!!”
You: “Do you like it when it’s hard?”

Sexual Topic: Very similar to the above, but more of a general delivery. This is always (read: I can’t think of an example when it’s not) a new conversation thread and is more clunky than a sexually forward statement in a new thread, and twice over as clunky as a sexual statement included in an ongoing conversation (covered above). This is a method to be used, but not preferred. Example: You: “Do you like kissing or cuddling better?”

Safety Net: The safety net is an element important JUST IN CASE. It’s purpose is to erase the gravity of a sexual statement that falls flat on it’s face. Now, I won’t pretend I have a lot of these racked up in my seduction memory banks, as they are VERY case-specific, but I will say that if you are naturally not as witty or as much of a quick-thinker as I am, you will need to design it BEFORE you send a Textual Compliance Text.

Example without Safety Net
Her: “The test was so difficult today!!!”
You: “Do you like it when it’s hard?”
Her: “Ew. Are you a creep or what??”
You: “Ehhhh.. I can’t think of anything to say because I wasn’t planning on it going this way so now I just have to look awkward and start a new conversation thread. #face palm” (You won’t really say that, but you know that’s what’s going to be going on in your brain)

Example with Safety Net
Her: “The test was so difficult today!!!”
You: “Do you like it when it’s hard?”
Her: “Ew. Are you a creep or what??”
You: “Dude, I was talking about the test. I would rather a test be hard because I study harder next time. Get your mind out of the gutter! J”
Her: “Oh crap you just played me now I’m thinking sexual stuff and you bailed out and made me look like a pervvvv!!!” (Again, she won’t really say that, but that’s what’s up)

Now, what is compliance? Compliance is when she escalates with you along the thread you’ve started. The purpose of this stems from the pure knowledge that her saying anything sexual (even if it’s just joking) will put her in a sexual frame of mind and at least get the sex-juices stirring a little bit. This level of involvement, however, extends over a spectrum. If you can imagine the Scale of Textual Compliance extends from Passing to Passing With Flying Colors, it will be a straight line. An example of Passing With Flying Colors would be her response to “Do you like it hard?” being “Ohh yeah baby, I looovvveee it hard. I wanna take your big hard etc etc etc”

The other end of the spectrum, however, is what I really want to focus on. Here’s a statement to ponder, given all of the previous information:

“To pass a Textual Compliance Text, she simply has to NOT FAIL.”

What do I mean by that? I mean that AS LONG AS SHE DOESN’T OBJECT, you still have license to keep escalating. Notable, also, is when a woman doesn’t DISAGREE with you in a situation of sexual escalation. Let’s look at a real-life example that encompasses both examples.

In this text between a girl I had already hooked up with, she was clearly wanting something from me and, as I am in the position to do with her, I basically just called her out in the most direct form of Textual Compliance I could have: I just asked her if she wanted to fool around. There was no sexuality broached before this and this is how I escalated. Hah.

For your info: She and I both live in Los Angeles, but she was home in Newton, Massachusetts for the holidays. Interestingly enough, I pointed out to her EXACTLY what the moral of this article is, which acted as ANOTHER Textual Compliance Text (which she passed). Take a look.

A Girl Flawlessly Passes My Textual Compliance Tests

You can clearly see that she’s complied by not saying that she didn’t want to (because I was sure to ask if she WANTED to hook up – there is a very distinct difference between asking a girl if she WANTS to do something and if she is GOING to do something) and then complied AGAIN, by not disagreeing with me.

Moral of the story, look for clues to her intentions in what she says, as that will often make it crystal clear as to how she’s feeling about the subject. I hope this article can shed some light on a few interactions you’ve had, or will have in the future.

Good luck,
-Gareth Jones

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Bravo January 17, 2011 at 10:42 am

Solid breakdown

You were the first guy I saw really teaching text game and the seminar I attended you ran was better than ones I have checked out that cost thousands more!

Highly recommended



Gareth Jones January 18, 2011 at 1:36 am

Thanks Bravo!

That’s a real honor and a pleasure coming from you! Knowing that someone with your skill level and talent, trained by Neil Strauss no less, has ANYTHING nice to say about be is a great satisfaction. I’ll have you know I voted for you for Best In-Field Instructor this year!



Bravo January 23, 2011 at 9:30 pm

Just calling it how I see it



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