About The Gareth Jones

Voted the Best New Pick Up Artist of 2010, ABCs Of Attraction’s Instructor Gareth Jones is known worldwide as a life-changing in-field coach and as the master of phone and text game from his iGame: From Text To Sex program.

Having taught in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and all over the United States, Gareth has been teaching with the ABCs of Attraction for more than two years. Referred to by several students as “One of the best decisions of my life”, Gareth’s coaching polishes your game and brings your skills to a James Bond level of suave.

A Quick Q&A with Gareth Jones:

Q: When did you first develop an interest in seduction arts?

A: As a rock singer and devout advocate of attention getting, I have always had a passion for both understanding the individual and the group. On top of that passion, I’ve always been an extreme romantic and fervent admirer of women. It was only when I read The Game that I, like so many others, found a way to put both of these passions together in a way that was amazingly analytical and incredibly interesting as well.

Following up with study of the Mystery Method and a ton of NLP, I simply got sucked into the community and couldn’t pull myself away.

Q: What’s the most valuable lesson you learned during your training?

A: The most valuable lesson I’ve learned during this whole journey was that the things that you read Mystery and Style and Asian Playboy are doing really are possible! I was just on the phone with a client talking about how his first approaches were so groundbreaking, not in that he took the hottest girl home for an instant slam-date, but that he simply didn’t get his head bitten of and that the women were interesting, receptive and, in some cases, quite eager for the actual attention. That has been one of my most valuable lessons, that if you can take the time and the effort to generate this skill set, what seems like the most unlikely possibilities are VERY possible.

Q: In your opinion, what are the key characteristics of a successful pick-up artist?

A: The key characteristics of a PUA are always the same. A successful PUA, not just someone who can take girls home, but someone who really makes the effort to understand the psychology, is someone willing to fail, someone humble (willing to put their ego aside) and someone confident in his abilities. Confidence is often misunderstood. Confidence is not being unaffected in every situation, or willing to do anything at any time. Confidence is being aware of what you can and cannot do. If a confident person knows he cannot do something, he is willing to fail in order to learn and expand his skill set and he is humble about the success in order to facilitate the same success in the future.

Q: Who has been your biggest influence?

A: Before I started coaching, I would’ve told you that my biggest influence was someone like Neil Strauss or Mystery, just simply because of their ability to branch out and create (and eventually master) such a unique art, but the more I teach what I know, the more I am influenced by my students. It seems cheesy to say, but I am constantly inspired by the lengths that some of my students go to to build their skills and I am always impressed by the way they handle the emotional strain. I never took a bootcamp and honed my skills over the course of months. To see a lot of these guys spending every waking hour of an entire three-day period, not just studying pickup but pushing their mind and body to the absolute limits and putting themselves in the most intimidating of situations, is really a great inspiration and motivator to learn more and better myself so they can have someone to look up to.

Q: How have you impacted the lives of the men that you’ve consulted and trained?

A: I remember very clearly the first personal Facebook message I received from a client after helping him at a bootcamp in Hollywood that I wasn’t even officially coaching at! He sent me a message thanking me for the few pieces of off-the-cuff advice I had given him, writing to me that the bootcamp was a life-changing experience and that he will always remember me as an integral part of that transformation.

That Facebook message is the reason that I coach today. If I can help one person make one step toward the transformation that I know, from personal experience, to be an incredible event in a guy’s like, then all the time I put in reading and learning and going in-field training is completely worthwhile.

Q: What has been the biggest milestone of your career?

A: The biggest milestone of my career was undoubtedly when I helped Approach Coach my first ABCs bootcamp. Not only was it an absolute honor, but it opened up a whole new world of possibilities starting with an amazing new social circle.

From there, I’ve worked daily Asian Playboy and have been able to speak to some of the most amazing PUAs in the world, along with sharing what I know with some of the coolest and most receptive students out there!

Q: What makes you a recognized leader in the PUA community?

A: I hate to say it, but in the PUA community people recognize me simply because of how I look! I’m the consummate long-haired blonde rocker that shows up everywhere! I’ve used that to my advantage to become a recognizable face, which gave me the ability to break the outer shell of the community and get in to learn from the best.

From there, I became fairly well-known as the guy who always knows where to go. Using The Game to meet bouncers, promoters, and club owners has helped me tremendously and makes it a hell of a lot easier to find places to sarge with the most elite crowds.

Q: When working with clients, what are some of the key factors that prevent men from succeeding? How do you help them overcome these obstacles?

A: To be honest, on bootcamps, most men get caught up in their own two feet. You’d think it would be something like ‘getting sexual’ or ‘initiating kino’, but I find that men have the most trouble simply walking over to the girl. Approaching is one of the most difficult parts of the pickup for most newbies and, while we do appreciate that, we have no time to encourage it. We throw guys into sets in a very militaryesque style and sometimes we have to walk them right up and show them how the opening goes. After guys “break the seal”, so to speak, it becomes easier and easier for them to approach the more attractive women.

Q: What’s the most valuable piece of advice you could give to a man struggling with meeting and attracting women?

A: Be yourself. While you undergo this whole self-betterment journey, remember not to compromise who you are, and the things you appreciate. If you really like Mexican food and she doesn’t, try to show her different types of Mexican food she may not have had, don’t just stop eating Mexican food. If you don’t drink and she wants to call you a pussy for not drinking, then find another girl more open and willing to accept the things you want to do.

Once we get past all of our hang-ups and insecurities, we are all really cool people inside and we should continue to be the person we aspire to be.

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