Lay Report: Same Night Lay at San Francisco Bootcamp

by Gareth Jones on January 25, 2011

[NOTE: This is a Lay Report by one of the students at a San Francisco bootcamp that I was helping coach with Johnny Wolf. It actually sounds like they could have pulled off a double Same Night Lay no less!]

Lay Report / Same Night Lay: Bootcamp & Preemptive Anti-LMR by Bullet

So this is a long overdue lay report and I’m posting it because JT asked where my lay report from bootcamp was. lol.

It was my second bootcamp and my first lay report / same night lay. This time I was out with the legendary Johnny Wolf. It was night two and my goal was to get a girl to sit with me and make out. I had an advantage over the other boot campers because I already knew what to expect.

At some point in the night I am by myself wandering the club. I decide to head to the bar to get a drink. As I’m waiting for the bartender to serve me, someone taps me on the shoulder. It was another boot camper (I will call him Wing 1) with a 3-set. Wing 1 says, “Hey man, she would fuck you.” He points at the girl in his 3-set.

“Oh my god! Why did you tell him that!”, the girl panics.

Wing 1 and I laugh. “It’s okay, I know him,” Wing 1 says.

“Hey, what’s up, man. Who are you’re friends?” I say. We make introductions then I get right into BT spiking the friend who said she would fuck me just to get the practice in. After a several minutes I leave the set.

Later in the night I approach a two set direct, “You ladies look very nice tonight in your dresses. It makes you look energetic.” They laugh and say thank you. I forget my exact words but it was something along those lines. I follow up with something that I can’t remember and right away I go for a compliance test. I put my hand for them to high five.

The first girl gives me a high five but the second girl gives me a high five and quickly interlocks her fingers with mine. It was very subtle of her but I knew what was up. At this point we are holding hands while I continue talking. At this point I knew it was no longer necessary to check for regular compliance tests because she had already telegraphed enough interest earlier in this lay report.

I get both of the girls to sit down with me. I grabbed one of the other boot campers (I will call him Wing 2) and had him wing for me and entertain the other girl. We talk about more comfort topics and conversation goes good. I slow down my voice and change the conversation to more sexual topics. It eventually led to us making out.

Later, I leave the girl to go to the bathroom. When I come back I see Wing 1 with the same group of girls, only this time it was a 2-set not too far from our table. Wing 1 comes up to me and says, “Hey man, I need your help.”

I agree to help him. My plan was to get her friend and BLP so that Wing 1 could isolate the girl. I never got a chance to do that. After a few minutes of talking, the girl who I was sitting down with pulls my arm and immediately grabs me to sit back down with her.

“You leave for a few minutes and already you’re talking to other girls!” She was upset with me. lol.

“What the fuck. Relax.” I say.

“Mmm Hmm! You know, I’ve been seeing you talking to a lot of different girls the whole night!” she says.

I get her to shut up and we make out again.

As the lights turn on I’m pretty tired and I’m ready to get out of the club and go to sleep. We exchange numbers and go our seperate ways. That could have been it, a field report instead of a lay report if it wasn’t for the timely intervention of one of the best PUA instructors out there.

Outside of the club I’m waiting for Johnny Wolf. I gave him a ride so I had to wait for him. Suddenly I get a call from Johnny, “Hey man where are you? Come over here right quick.”

As I approach Johnny he points at the girl from Wing 1’s 3-set and says to me, “Hey man. She wants to fuck you.”

At this point I’m full of anxiety and hesitation at the same night lay. Johnny was trying to set up logistics. Wing 1 had his girl isolated and Johnny got them in a cab. Johnny was going to take care of one of the other friends. So that left me to take care of the other friend. lol.

After much hesitation, Johnny pulls me to the side and has a firm talk with me. He tells me that I’m afraid to pull the trigger and if I don’t do this I fail at life. Haha. I think to myself, “Fuck you, Johnny, I’m not afraid to pull any trigger and I definitely don’t fail at life.”

Lay report it is then.

I walk over to the girl and grab her by the hand and to take her around the corner where we find a cab. She is pretty buzzed. We get in the cab and head back to her hotel room. When we arrive, she pays for the cab and I walk her to her room. We lay on her bed and talk a little bit more. She talks about how she thought that the other girl (one one that pulled me back down to have a seat) was my girlfriend. We talk some more and things escalate.

I think about the LMR tactics and I decide to do the Preemptive Anti-Last Minute Resistance (LMR) tactic. Maybe it wasn’t necessary for the lay report but I did it anyway. I can’t remember my exact words but I say something about not wanting to take advantage of her while she’s drunk. She assures me that she isn’t drunk…… right. She turns off the lights and it’s on.

The next day, Johnny debriefs my lay reportand he tells me he thinks I could have gotten laid twice in one night for a double lay report! He says that the girl I was making out with in the club was ready to go if I would have taken her outside of the club and that I could have came back for the other girl that Wing 1 needed help with. I thought that was funny but when I gave it a moment to analyze everything and let the moments sink in… I suppose it was true.

It helps to write out the lay report in order to mentally go back and evaluate how, why, where, and when things happen so you can learn from it and not make the same mistakes while repeat what made it a success.

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Johnny Wolf February 26, 2011 at 8:41 am

That bootcamp was LEGENDARY, thanks for all of your help coaching that weekend Gareth!


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