Text Flirting: From First Text to Making a Date

by Gareth Jones on January 27, 2011

First Text to Making a Date

Those of you that have followed my Text to Sex structure know that I have a very specific set of text flirting instructions for when you get a girl’s number and making a date.

The FIRST STEP (before ANYTHING ELSE when making a date) is to send this text: “Hey, it’s YOUR NAME. Save this number. It’s the most important one you’ll ever get. :)”

There are VERY specific variations of making a date that I discuss with my students and in my iGame: From Text to Sex DVDs (Check out http://www.texttosex.com for info on the upcoming release) and the reason for this is because of all of the smallest elements hidden within this text flirt.

My first avocation is to make sure you send the first text flirt either BEFORE the end of the night (so she doesn’t get the text when she’s drunk or not paying attention, as it will go unnoticed and be functionless) or THE NEXT DAY (same reasons).

Once your response is received and your text connection is made (also called Text Compliance), you must KNOW what you’re going to do from the very beginning.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • What is the point of me texting her?
  • Am I trying to achieve something other than making myself feel good that I’m texting a girl?
  • Or do I want to make our first date?

When you’ve answered that question: Act on it. There are three main purposes of texting and calling which I’ll get into in different articles, but for the purposes of our example, let’s make some plans with this chick.

Now, how do we make the transition after the first text is sent and responded to? We use the ABCs of Attraction’s brilliantly simple I.A.BT method. This stands for:

This is the act of taking her input, acknowledging it, and making her feel good with BT spikes or clever banter. Sound familiar?

Yeah. It’s just smalltalk. Get it?

OK. So what we’ve done is sent the first text flirt, she’s responded, we’ve had some witty repartee and, now that her BT is up (which means that she’s emotional and less prone to ask logical questions like, in this case, “What is this guy getting at?”) we’re going to initiate the first stage of making a date by finding out her schedule.

Save this text, it’s clutch: “WHAT’S YOUR SCHEDULE LIKE?”

This is EXTREMELY important because it eliminates that dreaded nonsense vortex where you just keep asking when she’s free and she keeps telling you when she’s busy. There are a lot of subtle indications that can be found in her response, but we’ll worry about that later.

This first step in the plan-making process is called the Date Bait.

Now, let’s take a look at my textbook example, of making a date from the first text, walking us through each step. This girl has a great sense of humor, is VERY witty (which, if you know me at all, you know I find VERY attractive) and on top of it all, she’s drop-dead gorgeous. Check it out.

Hope this breakdown helps! Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got some girls to talk to 😉


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