Braddock of Love Systems vs Gareth Jones PUA Bootcamp Review

by Gareth Jones on September 6, 2010

Sometimes, when we set up a PUA bootcamp, the timing or location isn’t right to draw enough people to justify bringing out the whole team. In the case of this bootcamp, Jman was the only one that signed up for a program, so I went out alone and he got 1-on-1 coaching all weekend! Lucky dog.

It also turns out that he had taken a PUA program with Love Systems before (and didn’t tell me until after, so that he could compare and review the two companies). This is what he had to say when all was said and done:

Gareth – he is the man! Let me tell you why.I would say I am good looking, good height, have a decent job, and have interesting life experiences (traveling, bartending, etc). I have dated white women in the past and have had white women tell me how cute looking I am. Nonetheless, I am not dating anyone right now. What is the PROBLEM here?Gareth saw what my problem is; it is simple: I wasn’t approaching! It wasn’t about my look, about my ethnicity, about my height, race, or anything. It was about ME. I simply wasn’t doing jackshit! I was somehow trapped in this perpetual delusion that I can just sit on my ass and wait for them to come to me, which is complete bullshit. I am glad Gareth woke me up from my dream of self-indulgence.Gareth took me by my hand and made me understand my weaknesses throughout the entire bootcamp. First night, I was a few hours late. I should have made it there on time, but I was late. Gareth was really patient with me and went through all 1st day materials, and he did some practices with me as well to make sure that my gesture, tonality, and facial expression were appropriate. We went out and experienced some failure, but that was alright. I don’t think I did well at all that night. Gareth told me that I needed to get some sleep and be ready for the next day. I did exactly what he told me.

The next day, we went through some more course materials, and Gareth gave me a new opener to use. The night-out was great. We had a lot of fun and I made some approaches. It was a fun weekend overall. I liked it when he said “you need to trust me because I know what I am doing.” That is exactly what I needed, someone I can totally rely on and learn from. I trusted everything he said, and I learned a LOT from him.

Gareth is really good at pinpointing my weaknesses. He told me to focus on my problems and stop being so analytical about the routines. He also showed me how fun interaction with women can be. “It is not rocket science,” he said, “if a field-tested routine does not work for you, MAKE IT WORK. If it works for others, it will work for you.” He also told me that I should live in the moment and get myself out of my own head. Everything he said was right on point. We did not waste one single minute during our training time together. He was very concise and to-the-point.

Gareth’s teaching was a total revelation for me. Two years ago I took a bootcamp with Love Systems (the Don, Braddock, and da Hunter) but I never had an instructor like Gareth. Love Systems’s instructors charged me thousands of dollars and their instructors were flirting with women themselves (one of the Love Systems instructor even jacked a student’s set…No kidding!). I am soooooo glad I took a bootcamp with the ABCs of Attraction.

Gareth opened my eyes to a whole new different realm. It wasn’t about picking up women. It was about becoming a more interesting person and to exude the excitement and fun that women want from a MAN. It was about becoming more dominant and confident that creates this incredible passive value and character in you that make you become a man. It was about becoming a star in your own world so that people will start to treat you like one. It was an awesome lesson of life. Gareth taught me ALOT in 3 days.

From now on, my task is to bust my ass for a few months. I know I’ll give Gareth a call when I get stuck at some point in the future. But for now, I will have to do my approaches and get burned. When I get burned enough, I will be good enough to do another bootcamp!

Gareth, thanks man!!

Kevin, thanks for being so helpful in setting up this bootcamp for me.

And JT-thanks for sharing your awesome program. The “letters” are all stuck in my head now. Gareth must have repeated them a million times during our training time together.”

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