Hour-Long Phone Coaching Review!

by Gareth Jones on September 7, 2010

As well as doing 1-on-1s, group bootcamps, seminars, and appearances at lair meetings, I offer private phone coaching to help you boost your game or, in the case of Peter, to resolve an issue that had been bugging him for a while. This is his review:

“Gareth is the spitting image I project of myself in my head as I walk into the club…cool, confident, experienced man. That same vibe from him came off exactly as I expected during our conversation over the phone.

I called Gareth completely randomly on a time sensitive manner. I remember reading about his phone/text game so I thought why the hell not. Not only was Gareth able to talk to me immediately, he fully solved the problem for me (came up with an elaborate multi-step plan) and gave me some invaluable phone/text tips. We talked about everything from phone/text game to kinky stuff to say while having sex. That’s how down to earth he is. Gareth also responded to my follow-up e-mails and provided support the entire time.

I highly recommend his phone coaching service in the following situations:
–Girls that are on the fence before or after hooking up, not in your social circle and phone/text/facebook message is the only way to reach them.
–If you’re unsure of how to call/text a girl for the first time
–Trying to save a one night stand
–Any other questions you might have game-related

Honestly, having Gareth in your back pocket is like having all the cheat codes to a video game. Thanks again Gareth…it’s been real, hope to see you in person soon”

Review can be found on the ABCs forums here: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/community/reviews-testimonials-f42/gareth-jones-i-promised-you-a-testimonial-so-here-it-is-t5130.html

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