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by Gareth Jones on September 5, 2010

I’ve posted a lot of reviews from previous programs, but I’m gonna catch up to the present day with some blurbs about the stuff I’ve done. Dig:

“One of the most masterful story tellers I’ve ever met… and if I may be so bold, I’m a well-trained story teller. It only takes him a few seconds to spot the main point of a story. It also blows me away how he knows how to make the most boring story sound interesting! The man also really knows how to tell romantic, sensual, and sexual stories. BTW, on the Sunday night after the bootcamp, I went out with Gareth and our hosts and I got really drunk, and crashed at our host’s place. I work up at 4am to hear some seriously heaving female breathing and the rythmic sound of a couch moving, and left because I could sleep through that. Gareth, you rock!!”

-Gamer, Orlando ’10

Review Here:http://www.abcsofattraction.com/community/reviews-testimonials-f42/abcs-orlando-bootcamp-review-kevin-will-and-gareth-t4233.html

“I think J.T. mounts them and releases and Gareth mind fucks them for juicy oblivion. Just my honest perception. Couldn’t have two better teachers…..Gareth is absolutely steel balls. I met up with him a few weeks ago and he literally closed a UNBELIEVABLE Dallas Cowboys cheerleader quality blond while she was serving us food at Hooters. He would be great coach and mentor for anyone wondering about ABCs of attraction for white guys.”

-Johnny Malibu, Dallas ’10

Review here: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/community/reviews-testimonials-f42/apb-gareth-dallas-bootcamp-3-fcloses-4th-went-back-to-bf-t4437.html

“He is an encyclopedia of pickup knowledge. Most assistant coaches are average at best but Gareth is up there in quality. He is energetic and excited to help. Gareth has a rocker style and was actually in a band (as opposed to most PUAs who just dress like they’re in one). He is a master of verbal banter and flirting, which I got to see a lot of in class while he was flirting with our awesome female coach Sarah Ann . He has great energy and is very enthusiastic. He also has great fashion advice on a budget and some pretty sick and original phone game tactics. He is very helpful in field with pointers and pushes you to open. He corrects you in field a lot and has a great eye for what your weakness might be. Enthusiasm is the best quality in a coach and Gareth has that in spades.”

-G-Dog, April ’10

Review here: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/community/reviews-testimonials-f42/bradp-pick-up-101-dr-paul-asian-playboy-bootcamp-review-t4748.html

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