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by Gareth Jones on November 3, 2010

“Email kills sarcasm (and emotional communication)

People consistently overestimate their ability to communicate effectively with email. A series of studies by Kruger et al. (2005) found that both senders and receivers don’t realise how poor email is for communicating things like sarcasm.

In one study participants thought that their sarcasm would be communicated 80% of the time. Face-to-face this was accurate, but over email the actual figure was 56%.

This overconfidence was also seen when people tried to communicate anger, sadness, seriousness and humour in an email. Without body language cues, it’s hard to communicate more than literal meanings. Sorry, emoticons don’t cut it :-(”

What have I been saying all along about sarcasm over text and email (verbal game)??

From “Email’s Dark Side – 10 Psychological Studies” over at Spring.co.uk

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The Jester September 29, 2011 at 12:00 am

Before I really had any text game, I used to write/text the same way I speak. It made it very easy to assume my words would be interpreted properly.

Not the case.

Now, I avoid sending any message that relies on tonality or non-verbal actions to be understood, which among other things, includes sarcasm.

As always, great post Gareth!


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