Synthetic’s 1-Year Check Back with SHOCKING UPDATE!

by Gareth Jones on November 1, 2010

It’s really cool to find out things about some of our students that we never knew. Sometimes it’s that they’ve taken bootcamps with other companies before and don’t want to reveal it until after they realize we’re the best. Other times it’s something like how they are really well known in the movie industry and don’t feel comfortable telling us about it because they’re afraid we’ll give them special treatment. In the case of Synthetic, who’s original 12 Weeks of Fury review can be found here, he came back a year after completing our program with an AMAZING piece of information that took us ALL by surprise. Read on…

“Synthetic here,

It’s been 1 year since I’ve started the 12 weeks of fury. Being in the first graduating class and seeing how my progress has been is a great way to reflect on the ABC program. To begin with, I probably didn’t tell JT/Gareth the night before the initial bootcamp.I WAS A VIRGIN.
Yes, you heard it from me. I never had sex with a girl till the girl I romantically connected with on the second night of the bootcamp. Again, I’ll repeat it, I WAS A VIRGIN TILL THE SECOND NIGHT OF THE BOOTCAMP.

I’ve always tried to get a girlfriend but I failed. Why is it that? Probably because I didn’t man up. I never knew how to sexually connected to a girl, just stuck in the “nice guy” phase.

After going out and improving my social skills with JT, Gareth and other fellow people, I acquired enough social skills to romantically connect with girls.

How many girls have I been with since then? Around 6 (oh my, so little, so much, numbers don’t matter). All the girls afterwards were pretty much relationships (2-3 months for most, I broke it off with them because I knew they weren’t the one).

One of the girls was a pretty promiscuous girl who cheated on many guys, yet she wanted me to be her boyfriend. (Did she cheat on me?) I doubt it since she told me some deep stuff. Yet my personality made her want to commit to me not the other way around. I wasn’t needy, I was in my own world and enjoying life.

One of the girls was a 6’2’’, pro volleyball player. I’m 5’10’’. Was it awkward? Nope. I believe without the 12 weeks of fury, I wouldn’t have the confidence to approach this girl. Note: she asked me to commit to her too.

I’m currently happy with this local girl I’ve met in Hawaii. She’s laid back and a great blast to just share my time with.

Oh, did I forget to mention? I was with a white girl. She told me, “You’re the first Asian guy I’ve ever dated.” (Thanks, big ego boost!) then proceeded by, “I usually date tall white guys.” (Ok ouch).

As for my confidence? I feel great, I met more people then I ever have before, people tell me I’m a fun interesting guy to hang out with (usually girls, and they keep wanting me to date their friends). I made the move from California to Hawaii, and a cold restart with the fundamentals from 12 weeks of fury really helped me out. I recently had dinner paid for at Rumfire in Waikiki with an engaged chick (met her on an airplane), at a fancy Chinese restaurant with older ladies (I approached them from a flag they were waving outside their shop), and not to mention, yes guys and girls do buy me drinks.

Do I use them? Nope. I buy people drinks, dinners, and desserts back. You may think PUAs are bad people, but some of us are just human beings who lack a masculine identity. All JT and Gareth have taught me is a natural holistic approach. I don’t snag all the girls, I don’t use magic tricks to get to them, I don’t do routines. All I do is talk, that’s all really the ABC’s 12 weeks of fury does, it makes you a good conversationalist and increases your emotional intelligence.

Did I like the program? Yes, I recommended it to my friend . What do I feel about the program? In the beginning, we (referring) to the 3 students, were guinea pigs. I think JT and Gareth have a good feel of what to do now. I do have some constructive criticisms about this program too. Needed more talk about relationship management (didn’t have any of this), physical self (ie, eating healthy, working out, and being proactive), and how to break “elite” social circles (try conversing with Harvard people when you’re just a nobody).”

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