Short But Sweet – Orlando Oct ’09 Review

by Gareth Jones on September 4, 2010

“When you see a bunch of Asians guys enter a club, of course you assume they’re all going to hang out by themselves in the corner. Imagine how surprised you are when they bring 80% of the girls in the club back with them. Even the bouncers commented that they had never seen anybody do anything like that, let alone some Asian guys.

This boot camp was absolutely sick. All of the students had incredible success and made tremendous progress. I think a big part of it was that we were all feeding off each other’s successes, which motivated each of us to do better. When you see another student pull a girl back to the booth within 5 minutes of arrival, it pushes you to go for it and do the same.

Another huge factor was the different boot camp instructors. While they all use the ABC’s system, the system is flexible enough to accommodate vastly different styles. Each student was able to learn the style that fit him best.

Gareth is the master of storytelling. He can take a story about a book bag at Starbuck’s and make it fascinating and sexual. His fashion sense is incredible too. His bag of tricks seems endless, from text game to freeze outs to indirect game.

William is an analytical, direct machine. During the day, he’s a normal guy who eats a lot of fruits. When his hair goes up though, he grows 8 inches taller and more muscular, and charms panties off with his devastating charm and sincerity. His teaching style is equally direct and devastating.

Kevin is an all around Jack of all Trades, able to effectively use different styles and techniques. This allows him to be flexible and accommodate any situation. He is also a master of the fundamentals. In sports, they say that fundamentals wins games. Well, in game, fundamentals get you laid.

– SpacePirate”

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