San Francisco Bootcamp Reviews with Johnny Wolf!

by Gareth Jones on September 9, 2010

Hey guys, just got back from coaching my first bootcamp with Johnny Wolf and Showtime in San Francisco! We had a blast and TWO OF OUR STUDENTS GOT LAID ON THE SECOND NIGHT! Holy crap, are we good or what?

I had a great time and was super stoked to finally coach with Johnny and Showtime. Check out students’ reviews:

From Sam, who’s review is titled “Johnny Wolf’s BC: Tough Coaches Who Really Care About You”

“Gareth is a great life coach, not to discount his pick up skills, he is so smooth that women cannot seem to keep their eyes off him when he talks! While we stepped outside for some fresh air on day 1, he opened a 2 set of HB8s outside the venue and winged me so I could practice my conversation skills (we even switched targets while talking, lol!), and ended up double #-closed them. More importantly, Gareth corrected me many times not only in the field, but even in normal interactions with people. I really appreciate it a lot because I’ve never had family member or friend to correct me on those things. He corrected my body language, and how I should carry myself as well as conversations without being too anxious or interruptive. I’ve grown so much from his criticisms and it also shows how he truly cares about me as a person.”

Read the whole review on the ABCs forum here:

And one more:

“Take the bootcamp. If you found that I’m not telling you the truth, I’ll reimburse you… Yeah right! :)
No seriously, it’s worth it. If money is the problem, think about it this way: how many times have you gone to a club or bought drinks/dinner/gifts for girls and ended up jerking off at home anyway? Some of you might’ve even gone on vacation to europe/south america/asia, secretly fantasizing that you’d meet someone on the trip and get laid. Am I right or am I right? Now, how many thousand dollars have you wasted doing all those and still not got laid?
I rest my case.

– MrSmith”

Read the full review on the ABCs forum here:

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Kenny March 1, 2012 at 4:52 pm

Are there still more bootcamps happening?


Sarah March 6, 2012 at 3:24 pm

Yes there are still bootcamps happening! You can view the programs page here: What city are you in? Feel free to email me at


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