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by Gareth Jones on November 5, 2010

With the current trend being personal phone coaching, I would like to remind you guys that I do, in fact, do individual phone coaching. Most of my sessions are an hour long (you specify the time) and handle whatever subject you’d like.

Sometimes, you just can’t make sense of an interaction, or you simply need more ammo for the next one. Maybe you’re sick of reading all of the sleazy marketing crap online (like this, right here!) and you just want the straight answers or maybe you’d just like to talk to someone that you can relate to. My Phone coaching program is designed just for that!

How it works:

1) You email me at Gareth.Jones@ABCofAttraction.com and tell me you’d like to schedule a Phone Coaching Session and when you’d like to do it. Include some background to your problem, if applicable, so that I can become familiar with your situation.

2) I find a time that works for both of us and send you over to http://abccoaching.eventbrite.com/ to choose your hour-long phone consult for $80 (multiple hour-long sessions can be combined) or a 5-session package for $400.

3) We chat on the phone.

4) You write a review like Peter did here (click to readthe whole review).

Excerpt:  “Not only was Gareth able to talk to me immediately, he fully solved the problem for me (came up with an elaborate multi-step plan) and gave me some invaluable phone/text tips.”

Have a problem that needs immediate professional advice? Have a sticking point that you just can’t get past? Want to review a particular set from last night? Let’s get it solved as soon as possible!

Better than yesterday,


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