Mindhacking for Seduction

by Gareth Jones on November 3, 2010

Posting some quick blogs I’ve read today. I encourage everyone to check these out for self betterment. They are all very quick reads.

And here’s me right now, for reference:

The Author Displays Fundamental Learning Pose

Cognitive Dissonance; Something all of us in the seduction community are familiar with. This is a great and comprehensive definition for those looking for a clearer understanding.


An interesting discussion on people’s expectations and how  we conform to them, subconsciously.


And, related, how situations dictate that behavior, as well.


Wondering why groups are so strange: Awesome study about Social Identity Theory.


A study on conformity and how deeply it invades our psyche


… and one  from a student that I’m sure you will all relish: Semen Acts as an Anti-Depressant. As  he said to me, “I’m sure you’ll be able to use this as ammo.”


That’s all for now.
As always, better than yesterday!

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