Holy Crap – Read This Right Now

by Gareth Jones on December 19, 2010

Taken Directly from the Psychology Today website:

Please read this right now! WOAH!

Making an Impression Changes Your Perception

Remember this the next time you are about to meet someone new: the impression you’re trying to give influences how you evaluate the other person. That’s the finding of a study that included hundreds of participants who watched a short film and then discussed it with another participant. Half the participants were given an “impression management goal” to appear introvertedextraverted, smart, confident or happy. After the discussions, participants rated themselves and the person they had chatted with across several personality traits. Those with an impression management goal rated their conversation partner significantly lower on the trait they were trying to show in themselves, but not on other personality traits. This seems to happen because when we focus on embellishing a particular trait in ourselves, we unconsciously increase the standard for that trait in others–and they usually fall short. So just because someone you’re trying to impress doesn’t seem as outgoing, gregarious or confident as you are, don’t assume that they truly aren’t. It could just be that how you’re trying to come across has changed the game.”

Hollyyy crapppp! Just stew on this.

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