Hiroller – July ’09 Review

by Gareth Jones on September 2, 2010

“I finally had a chance to write about my experience at the July 2009 ABCs of Attraction three-day bootcamp in Los Angeles. The bootcamp was lead by JT, the Asian Playboy. Assisting him were Ozzie and Gareth. On Day 1, we covered the first two phases of the ABCs of Attraction structure: (A) Attract and Approach and (B) Buying Temperature and Banter.First we started with the ‘A’ phase. JT went over how to stand, how to walk, and how to physically approach sets. We then covered facial expressions and the importance of smiling. JT stressed that women will judge you within 30 seconds of seeing you. All of these things are important to building attraction prior to approaching sets.Prior to the bootcamp, we received homework assignments to memorize canned routines as well create our own ‘natural’ openers. We practiced them with JT’s female friend while the instructors observed and critiqued our body language and delivery.

We ended Day 1 lecture with covering the ‘B’ phase. JT personally demonstrated a number of BT gambits and routines. He covered the concept of fractionating and managing BT spikes. I felt we went through this phase rather quickly and wished we spent some more time going over this topic.

After the Day 1 lecture, we went out for our first night fieldwork. Our assignment was to open 10 sets using our canned and natural openers. After allowing us to get one drink to loosen up, the instructors began pushing us into sets. As advertised on the ABCs website, our instructors ran the night fieldwork like drill instructors. “Two set, go!” “Three set, go!” “Open that mixed set!” I found this approach helpful as it prevents you from overanalyzing the approach and just do it. I ended the night opening 21 sets and got one phone number. At the end of the night, JT and the instructors gave us feedback. For me, it was to stay in set longer and to project my voice.

Day 2 lecture covered the next two phases: (C) Comfort and Compliance and (D) Direct Interest. We went over storytelling and had our DHV stories reviewed and critiqued that we prepared as part of our pre-bootcamp homework assignments. Also we learned how to take the same storytelling techniques to develop comfort stories. We went over compliance tests and JT demonstrated Advance Body Language techniques to isolate the target.

The end of the Day 2 lecture, we learned about direct interest. JT discussed how to move from general attraction to sexual attraction. We went over sexual kino escalation and kiss close tactics. The group then learned how to direct approach before our night fieldwork.

Day 2 night fieldwork was more intense. Our assignment was to open using the direct approach and to bring sets back to our VIP area to isolate our target. Unlike the Day 1 night fieldwork, I found my approaches harder to stick. Although I opened 16 sets using the direct approach, I was unsuccessful bringing a set back to the VIP area. I felt my BT tactics felt like they were not hitting. I took it pretty hard. The feedback I received from the instructors was that I need to be more dominant and have more physical control over my target to keep my approach from slipping away.

Our final day of lecture covered the last two phases of the ABC structure: (E) Extract and Escalate and (F) Fun or Fake. Before the lecture, JT took us out shopping on Melrose to pick up clothes to increase our passive value. He picked out pieces that were attention-getting but not too peacocky. I ended up purchasing a new belt buckle, a couple of shirts and trendy jeans, a vest, and a blazer.

We started our lecture going over AMOG defense techniques as well as handling takeaway girls. We also went over how to approach seated targets. Then JT went over the importance of planning your extraction and provided us with a checklist on how to prepare a plan. The subject of LMR was covered and how to apply freeze-outs to overcome them.

JT covered the final phase of the ABC structure, ‘F’. He encouraged us to seek a life outside of pickup, to develop our passive value through leading a lifestyle that women will be attracted to. The final lecture was closed with each instructor provided each participant with constructive feedback. For me, I was told that I need to be more dominant in my sets and to make my stories more emotional, less logical. Physically, I should get a more interesting hairstyle and wear more interesting accessories, as well as can be in better shape.

The group went out for its final night fieldwork. Like the other nights, the instructors were pushing into sets. It was less-crowded given it was a Sunday and I felt like I opened every possible set. However, one of the instructors, Ozzie, encouraged me to open everyone, not just sets with girls. He reminded me that at the end of the night, it’s about being social and having fun, something you can forget when you are only focusing on applying the pickup techniques we learned in lecture and overanalyzing the approach. We ended the night with instructors giving us some final feedback before we all went our separate ways.

I now believe I have a structured approach to improving my dating life, which is what I was looking for. I have a set of tools that I can begin applying in the field. If I had any suggestions for improvement, I would have liked to have seen more in-field demos and the instructors coming into our sets to observe our techniques and give more real-time feedback. Generally the instructors would push us into set and appeared to disappear.

However, I appreciated the instructors being aggressive with us on approaching sets. Over the three-day bootcamp, I approached over 50 sets. With each set, I gained new insights to further improve my technique. The one change that I noticed at the end of the bootcamp was that I feel my AA has been drastically reduced. As I learned in lecture – girls are not rejecting you as an individual, they are rejecting your approach. If one approach does not work, learn from it and move on to the next set.

The three-day bootcamp was intense!!! Sitting through 4 – 5 hours of lecture and applying this information immediately in the field was exhausting. The bootcamp was not just about collecting pickup knowledge. It was focused on applying what we learned immediately in real-life situations. This course is not for those who are not willing to follow instruction, take action, and receive constructive criticism.

I’d like to thank the instructors – JT, Ozzie, and Gareth. I learned a lot from you guys and will apply everything that you taught me.

Also I wish my fellow participants in the bootcamp well. I look forward to reading your field reports and successes.”

Originally posted on the ABCs forums here: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/community/reviews-testimonials-f42/los-angeles-bootcamp-july-10-12-2009-t3464.html

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