Edo’s iGame: From Text To Sex Review

by Gareth Jones on November 1, 2010

Dude. Why some people still doubt my phone/text game escapes me. This is what Edo had to say:

“Took the seminar this past Sunday right after completing my first bootcamp with JT and Gareth. I was tired and hungry but I knew I would regret it if I didn’t take the opportunity to check the iGame seminar out.

Only three words can describe the entire seminar: MINDBLOWING EXCLAMATION POINT!

I was saying how tired and hungry I was but once Gareth started, I was only focused on taking down as much notes as I can – I totally forgot about being hungry!! I remember when it was nearing the end of the seminar my hand writing was reduced to scribbles and my hand was hurting but it didn’t matter, I had to get EVERYTHING down!!

Since it was being taped, we had a few minute break in between changing tapes where Gareth answered any questions. The funny thing was…there weren’t that many, just one or two. I remember only asking one question the entire seminar and it was to verify what I wrote down haha (remember, my hand writing turned to shit after hours of writing hahaha!)

Guys. $100. If you have the opportunity, take it!

I remember we had to turn off our cellphones for the taping so when I got home around 11pm, I checked my phone and I had 3 text messages. 2 were from girls (I don’t know why girls text me ;)) So I decided to put some of the things i learned that night to work with the baiting. These girls texted me around 6 – 7ish and I just got home at 11pm. Only one girl responded and then I followed Gareth’s structure to bait a few times then escalate. So I followed his structure to set up a date, I followed it step by step and long story short? I have a date Friday :)

This stuff works. Once again, $100? I spend that in a week on just food. What’s that saying? “Give a hungry man a fish and he’ll be full but teach a hungry man to fish and he’ll be full for the rest of his life!””

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