Dreamcatcher’s London ’10 Bootcamp Review

by Gareth Jones on November 1, 2010

Posted by Dreamcatcher, a guy I got to spend a great amount of time with in London and who worked hard to achieve his own personal goals!

“How the story began

And do you know what? I took the ABCsofattraction in London during Fashion Week and it was one of the most intense and exciting weekend in my entire life. You don’t believe it? Look at these pictures and tell me they are not awesome!!! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5 … =fbx_album
To begin with, let me give you an idea who I am. I’m a 19 years old, nerdy Asian kid who used to be a World of Warcraft champion in Germany. Stories with nerdy Asian kids usually don’t have happy ends and the only girl, I had ever been in love with, broke my heart. I felt hopeless for a long time and I didn’t have the strength to get up. However, one sunny day in April 2010, I mobilized all my strength and made the conscious decision to leave everything behind. I flew 24 hours from Vietnam to see APB! After getting to know him, I knew he was the only Asian man on this planet who could help me.
Let me start by saying that a bootcamp is not easy to afford if one is a student. However, in my opinion, you definitely shouldn’t wait because time is the only thing we will never get back. As far as I know, The ABCs is one of the few (maybe the only?) companies offering a discount for students. You get 25% off and this is a huge deal guys! So I decided to sign up for a bootcamp and that’s how the story began.


The day finally arrived and as far as I remembered, it was way more exciting for me than my first day at school. Let me start by giving you some information about the lecture before I tell you about our FUCKING GREAT adventures in field. To be honest, I’m a nerdy kid reading all kind of PU stuff out there and I didn’t really expect any new stuff from the lecture. But APB and Gareth definitely proved that I was wrong! 13 hours of quality lecture about AMOGing, tactics to overcome LMR, when to finally kiss her, logistics, phone and text game etc. literally blew my mind!!!!!!!!!!!! There might be things I have known before, but I never realized the importance of it if there wouldn’t be our coaches. Moreover, we did tons of exercises to improve our passive value! Thumbs up for that ;)


Night one

Let’s start with the infield part. So on our first night, we went to TigerTiger to warm up and changed to Amika, a high end club. At first, we all had pretty high AA but APB helped us to calm down and made us approach. During this program, I felt really confident because I know there were professional coaches always backing me up. At the end of the night, I was even able to isolate several girls and even made out with one. Mind blowing!
However, the evening bore something much greater than I expected. We finally saw APB gaming and it was money. He managed to pull quite a few girls to our table and we always had girls to talk to. The best part, however, was the one when he started to game this gorgeous hired gun, and to be quite honest, I couldn’t believe what was about to happen. I’m sure you guys have met tons of beautiful girls who are really nice to you because they get paid but in reality, they don’t care about you. This particular girl APB was gaming was a model and a worker at one of the high end clubs in London. Therefore, you never know if she is nice because of her work or because she likes you. Well, this didn’t seem to bother APB at all and he started to talk to her. Before I realized what happened, she was already sitting on his lap and started to giggle like a schoolgirl. Damn, I was jealous… This girl was literally all over him; she even bought him drinks… At first, I thought she was just being nice but my perception altered after I saw her sticking her tongue in APB’s mouth. I don’t think she is that nice to everyone ;) Here are some pictures of our man and the girl: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=4 … 0148877947

Night two

On second night we hit TigerTiger again and the main focus was on isolation. The coaches did a perfect job kicking our asses. Sometimes it was really hard for us to do what they demanded. To provide an example, I remember exactly when APB told me to isolate a girl to our table and I wasn’t able to do so. He became angry and disappointed at the same time so he gave me that “go and just DO it” look and it scared the s*** out of me. After that, I didn’t care about anything else than isolating a girl and luckily, I was successful, too. I was able to isolate several girls and at the end of the night and ended up making out with a really cool girl. It was the most hilarious thing ever because APB was still teaching me while I was making out with her. He literally screamed in the back “STOP” when I should stop kissing her and “KISS HER, KISS HER” when I waited too long. I was cracking up and it was so amusing for the girl and me. I know it sounds weird but it worked quite well having APB backing me while I tried to do my move on the girl. Every time I stopped on APB’s demand, she wanted more! Haha, that was so hilarious…
However, the climax of the evening was actually another story, which occurred while I making out with this one girl. One of my fellow companion, a man at his mid-thirties was able to direct approach a young beautiful tall blond girl, got her number, isolated her to our table and talked to her at least for 30 minutes. Damn it, that was AWESOME! To cut a long story short, just look at these pictures! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?pid=5 … =fbx_album
All the other students did really well, too. Just take a look at the pictures!

Night three (Graduation night)

Finally, last night of our great adventure was coming and a last time to prove that we’ve become real men. It was all about AMOGing and our first venue was O’Neils. For me, I learned the most valuable lesson during graduation nights. Let me start by giving you an idea about the location. It was a Sunday night and there were not many sets we were able to approach. I was late and by the time I got there, all the hot girls were already talking with my companions and the only set, which was left were 2 Canadian girls. No reason not to approach them and the game began. With the skills learned from 2nd night, I managed to isolate them pretty quickly and JT and Gareth did a great job occupying one girl while I was gaming the other. She was really cute but not into me at all (at least that’s what I thought). Usually, when I meet a girl like that who doesn’t show any signs of interest, I would reject her immediately just to protect my ego. However, that time, it didn’t work like that. Not during APB’s and Gareth’s bootcamp. Gareth whispered something in my ear and it changed everything. He gave the exact same look APB did on second night and Gareth gave me two two choices: “find another set or escalate…”. Well, another set is not easy to find and trying to escalate on a girl who doesn’t seem to like me sucks, too. Well, guess what I choose? There was still enough time for running away but I decided to stay and escalate. I followed the ABCs structure:

A – Approach: I approached with high energy and isolated them. Done!
B – Banter: Grabbed her hand and went dancing with her.
C – Comfort: Talked about various stuff like “what’s your favorite place in the world” while we were sitting
D – Direct: I told her how beautiful she was and the more I talked to her the more I became attracted.
E – Escalate: I went for the kiss and ended up making out with her all night.

It was a mind blowing experience for me. I was able to make a girl like me although she was not attracted at all. Well, at the end she was 
Thank you Gareth for pushing me that hard! That was the end of the 3 most exciting and intense night in my life!

What I like about the program/ Why I recommend this program to you

• The coaches are not your friends, they’ll kick your ass!
• The bootcamp is definitely affordable
• The coaches care about you… a lot!
• The only company which still helps you after the bootcamp (thank you JT for the advices you sent me tonight)
• You will get a structure in game
• You will get at least 12 hours of great lecture
• You will step out of your comfort zone!
• You will make new friends and meet potential wingmen
• There are tons of drills which are going to improve your passive value
• The coaches know what they are talking about and they can demonstrate it
• Gareth’s style is AWESOME!
• The coaches will evaluate your sticking points and help you to solve them after each night
• JT made out with a model… I’m jealous
• You’ll get a lot of motivation to become a better person after the bootcamp
• You’ll see what you are capable of doing
• You will be infield for at least 12 hours
• You’ll get girls, a lot of girls!
• JT and Gareth are the bomb!

I can go on with that list forever, but I think that’s should be enough. It is true that there are many reasons for taking a bootcamp. However, there were also some aspects I didn’t like about this program.

What I didn’t like about the program

• JT made me jealous
• The playbook shows limited cohesion to the lecture
• It took quite a while until everybody presented their DHV stories
• There is only little time between the lecture and the infield part. Hence, you have to wear clothes you are going to wear at the club during the lecture
• On the first night, we had to pay more money for the club than expected
• You don’t get enough information about dates

These are only minor aspects and my overall positive experience leads me to believe that this was the best money I have ever spent on.


JT and Gareth, I want to thank you for your valuable advices and being a great motivation for us! My purpose of posting this review is to appreciate JT and Gareth for their efforts and hard work and to let others know that their tips are excellent and essential for self-development. You guys have a true spirit of a teacher!”

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