Another Los Angeles 1-on-1 Review!

by Gareth Jones on September 9, 2010

Posted by Achilles:

“A little background on me…I took the bootcamp with JT and Johnny a couple of years ago and had an awesome time! Because of personal issues, I didn’t had the chance to fully embrace my new found knowledge. I am now back and of course, and without hesitation I turn to the best PU company around, ABC’s of Attraction!

Gareth was an excellent instructor. He is very committed and answered all the questions I had. My biggest problem was understanding the structure. Gareth explained them very well and I now have a full grasp of it.

Night 1-We went to Edison. I really liked the venue because it was big, not very loud and a lot of areas to isolate. The first couple of canned openers were “lukewarm”, nothing extraordinary. Not the results I was expecting. We went to get a couple of drinks. Waiting at the bar are HBBlonde and HB Brunette (easily 8 and 9, respectively). Gareth said, “get me a glass of water, I will go to the restroom, make small talk with this 2 hot girls”. I opened them with something simple, I got a one word answer. I wasn’t about to give up. Talked to them again and got positive response. BT spike, DHV, BT Spike, BT Spike…things were looking good. I was particularly impressed with myself that I was applying what I learned (earlier, I was fumbling everything).

I really liked “Kickstart”. It gets the juices flowing plus its pretty simple. One of the 3sets that I did a “kickstart” basically opened us when they saw me seated with Gareth. When we were seated with the 3set, I got to witness Gareth in action and it was priceless! His ability to captivate a crowd is great. He had this girls eating out of the palm of his hands!

Then I went direct with this Asian girl sitting on the bar and it went great! We had a very good conversation. I ran the routines and it went great! Then it was time to go. Gareth said to number close her and I did. Night one a sucess.

Night 2 – We went to Playhouse in Hollywood, the venue was awesome! The first 2 sets were “luke warm”. I went direct on 2 brunettes, it went great. BT spike, DHV, she dunk her finger in her drink and put it in my mouth, BT spike, etc… One of the girls said, “I need to get my purse”. I thought that would be the end of it but I pressed on with the other one and the other girl left us alone for a while. She came back and we continued talking. Then it was time to go to the bathroom. Pleasant goodbyes.

I went direct to a hot blonde by the bar. She was cold and I couldn’t understand her (she was bulgarian). BT spike, kino, talk about her tatoos, BT spike, etc …and she actually opened up. Then I got my first lesson in BLP from Gareth. My BLP was all wrong!

Then I went direct to a hot brunette (with a tall blonde). Both girls were responsive. It turned out it was the blondes birthday. BT Spike, DHV, BT spike,….things are going well. The blonde was digging me and I was focusing my attention on her. I wanted to isolate but there’s 2 of them! That’s the AFC in me talking, don’t know what to do. Set breaks up. JT happened to witness the whole thing and he said “the blonde is showing interest, your big misltake is BLP!” Damn it!

Gareth said “Lets change venues. You had some good interaction, do you wanna number close any of them?”. I said,”Yes, I had good interaction with the blonde birthday girl.” So I went to find her and got her number.

The next venue was much smaller and much crowder. 85% dance floor, 10% , 5% open area. Things didn’t do well for me. My energy was low, had a hard time opening sets. Gareth keep saying “smile, energy, smile”. I tried but it was hard. I opened a mixed set. At one point, the girl said, “why are you still here?” I plowed through then I exited.

Major points of the bootcamp for me:
(1) keep your energy high and smile. Whenever my energy is high, the interaction always goes well.
(2) be aware of your BLP.
(3) improve on storytelling.

Overall, I had an awesome time! I am 1000% better in interaction from the day I started the bootcamp. As an instructor, Gareth is very passionate. He has complete mastery of the materials. Most of all, he breaks it down to a level that can be easily understood and most importantly, can be applied. Gareth, you are awesome!”

Yep, but you are awesome, too!

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