A Review from Voyance – July ’09 Graduate

by Gareth Jones on September 2, 2010

“What it do fellow alumni!! This bootcamp review is long overdue, but for good cause (after the bootcamp, I ended up “resurrecting” an old flame of mine, a girl I tried to date a year ago but she kept flaking on me . . . . but I’ll get into that later!!). I signed up for the ABCs bootcamp because I needed to take my game to the next level . . . . . I had done okay on my own in the past, but with very inconsistent results (as explained above, I had difficulties with girls flaking on me). I’m Chinese, tall, and athletically built, so you WOULD THINK I’m naturally good at this . . . . HA, even Claire rated me as a “solid 8″ when she was asked by JT to rate my physical looks! But the thing is, I grew into this after having a late puberty, growing up skinny, wearing coke-bottle glasses, braces, bowl-cut hairstyle, haha, you name it!! So although I have been successful in changing my “avatar” long before I ever took this bootcamp, deep down I still have that “nice guy, nerdy, easily falls on the friend ladder” MENTALITY . . . . this MENTALITY is what needs to CHANGE!!!!! So let’s get on with it . . . . .DAY 1

My coaches for this bootcamp were JT, Oz, and Gareth, with the lovely Claire assisting us on the exercises. Each of the three coaches is a master in his own right, and each contributed something unique to the experience. Briefly, Gareth is adept at calibrating his energy level according to the situation, and is the resident guru on mastering voice control and inflection (must be that singing experience!). Oz really impressed me with his knowledge of proper kino and body language positioning, and is an expert at “fine-tuning” the lagging areas in your game. And, of course, JT is the man . . . . he shows you how to “put it all together” into a workable system that will never fail out in the field.

Our first day of lecture focused on opening and pumping up the target’s buying temperature. For our first night out, we were to use indirect openers . . . . . I’ve never been a big fan of indirect openers, but I understood that in order to get the most out of this bootcamp, I needed to wipe my slate clean and start from square one. I decided to use an indirect opener (from my own life experience) that I had previously used the weekend before . . . . I was planning a good friend’s engagement party, and I had previously asked a girl, “Hey, what’s a good ice-breaker game to play at a party?” Haha, little did I know that Gareth would help me take this indirect opener to a whole new level later that night . . . . .


Our first night in the field was at the Edison, one of my favorite spots in downtown Los Angeles. My fellow bootcampers and I gradually acclimated ourselves to the environment, and then it was on!

To get myself in the proper mindset, I decided to warm up by opening a three-set hovering around the bar. One of the girls had a camera and was about to take a picture of the other two. I walked up to the girl with the camera right before she was going to take the picture:

Me: “You’re doing that all wrong.”
Camera girl: “huh?”
Me: (making a gesture as if I’m taking a picture) “Your angle and distance from your friends is completely off . . . . it’s a good thing I came over here to save you from taking a horrible photo of your friends!!” (Camera girl then busts out laughing . . . . I don’t think Friends 1 and 2 heard me, so they were still sizing me up)
Camera girl: “Oh, so you’re here to help us out?? Will you take a picture of me and my friends?”
Me: (hesitantly) I won’t take your guys’ picture just because you asked nicely (speaking to all three girls) . . . . my services are in high demand, it’s gonna cost you . . . . (with a very mischievous look on my face)
Friend1: “Hey, what’s your name?” (at this point, we all exchange names)
Me: “Hey, you seem like really cool girls . . . . .tell ya what, I’ll take that pic for you, and all you have to do in return (squeezing in between the two hot friends and putting my arms around them) is take a pic with me!

Camera girl then takes a pic of me and my two new friends, and a promise is a promise, so then I take a pic of the three girls together. They ask me what I’m up to that night, and I tell them that I’m there for my friend’s going away party to Australia (which was true, JT was leaving for his Sydney bootcamp in a week, and JT advised us to use this as our response the entire weekend). After some light conversation about whether they had ever gone “down under,” I tell them that I would catch up with them later, as I could tell in the corner of my eye that the coaches and three other bootcampers were gathering together. Time for some indirect openers!!!

Here’s where Gareth really came through. I told him my indirect opener . . . he didn’t like it that much, although he got the general gist of the opener. He suggested I use something more along the lines of asking the girl how to get two groups of people, who DESPISE each other, to hang out together in the same room. That’s when he had a stroke of genius, and told me his plan. We then proceeded towards the general area of a seated three-set who were just finishing a meal . . . . .

(Gareth walks angrily towards the open area in front of the three set. I follow him, looking like I’m trying to catch up to him to calm him down)
Gareth: “Dude, I can’t believe your fuckin friends!!”
Me: (exasperated look on my face) What??!!! (we immediately get the attention of the three-set)
Gareth: (holding up his hands) No, don’t even try that! I’m out of here! (then storms off, leaving me behind . . . . . Haha, now the three girls are staring intently at me, wondering what I’m going to do next . . . . )
Me: (I nonchalantly look over my shoulder, and act as if I have just noticed the three set sitting there for the first time . . . . I make eye contact with them, and play up the look of exasperation on my face) “Hey, I could REALLY use your guy’s opinion on something (All three girls nod their heads)
SeatedGirl1: “Sure, what’s going on with you and your buddy?”
Me: “Have you ever had to get two different groups of friends, who ABSOLUTELY DESPISE each other, to hang out together in the same spot?”

All three girls say yes, and I explain to them how there was drama between my group of friends and Gareth’s group of friends. Because the girls were already initially invested into the interaction I was having with Gareth when he stormed off, they were eager to share their insights into how I could mend the “tension” between the two groups. Haha, Gareth, you da man!!! The lesson I learned is that indirect openers can be made much more effective if you SITUATIONALLY SET IT UP.

Haha, at one point in the night, Gareth told me to go talk to two petite Asian girls. I talked with them for about 30 minutes, before I moved on to other sets. One of the girls was really into me, so it was clear that I would at least get a number before I left. Before we left the club, Gareth made it a point that I number close her. He and I spotted them later facing the bar, and I went up behind them and said, “Hey, let me get your number before I leave.” The two girls turned around . . . . . IT WAS A DIFFERENT TWO-SET OF ASIAN GIRLS!!!!! Hahaha, nevertheless, we started talking for a little bit. Although I didn’t get their numbers, I did find the original Asian two-set, and number closed . . . . .


Back at headquarters, we went over the previous night. Day 2 was when we really started to get into it. We went over how to approach seated sets, compliance testing, body language positioning, BT spikes. Oz has a real keen eye for critiquing the bootcampers’ mistakes with kino and BLP . . . . . he did a fine job in pointing out those areas that I needed to work on (i.e. sometimes I would lean in too far when talking to a girl, or my shoulder turn wasn’t firm enough, or I didn’t maintain proper distance).

Also, we discussed in great detail probably the most important part of game . . . . STORYTELLING. JT and Gareth are amazing . . . . they took our stories (which sounded bland coming out of our mouths) and infused them with all the right EMOTIONS to invoke the proper responses out of the target audience.

We then delved into my preferred approach theory, Direct Game. Although I naturally gravitate towards direct game, JT broke it down for me in a way that made me truly understand its strengths and weaknesses. Combining everything together correctly (voice tonality, facial expression, energy level) is crucial to pulling off a successful direct opener. And it’s amazing to see JT pull off a simple “Hi, I’m JT!”


Although JT had originally planned for us to go to another spot that night, we ended up going to the Kress because his good friend Matador was there. Haha, there were so many PUAs at the Kress that night!!! Which was perfect, because it forced me and my fellow bootcampers to up our game even more. Night 2 was all about GOING DIRECT. We settle down at our table and start getting the liquor flowing. JT and Oz immediately spot a seated five-set of Latinas in a nearby cabana. They tell me “Go! Seated five set.”
I remember JT had taught me that the quickest route from point A to B is a STRAIGHT LINE . . . . and I stay true to that, and head directly for the girls’ cabana. This works out great, it is obvious that I have an interest in them, and all five girls turn their heads to look at me as I come up to their Cabana. I maintain VERY STRONG BLP, walk casually up to the edge of their table, and stand there, with my feet set wide and in an authoritative position. I have a welcoming grin on my face (not toothy) and I slowly make eye contact with EACH OF THE FIVE GIRLS IN TURN, sizing them up, without saying a word. Just as I’m about to say something, the girl closest to me says in a very friendly and flirtatious tone, “Hi, how are you?” LOL!!! This set truly taught me the value of BLP and physical presence . . . . you can use your BODY AS AN OPENER!! I reply that I’m doing fantastic, and ask them what their story is that night. One of the girls there is from Utah, and her four friends are showing her a good time in LA. I tell them that my friend JT is moving to Australia, and in a very authoritative, but not demanding tone, I tell them to come over to my table to wish him a safe trip and celebrate with us. Haha, so I pull ALL FIVE girls from their cabana and have them sit with us at our table, and my fellow bootcampers are having a blast talking up this newly found set.

Later into the night, I can tell Utah girl is feeling me. She tells me that she’s going to go down to the floor below to go dancing with her girls, but will be back. Although I usually would have just gone with her to go dancing, I decide to stay to continue developing my direct game on more sets. A couple minutes later, I see a brunette MILF with HUGE tits approaching me, looking around as if she’s trying to find a friend, or trying to find trouble!

Me: (casually over shoulder as she’s walking by) You have a very mischievous look on your face.
MILF: Is it that obvious??
Me: Yup
MILF: (laughing) Yeah, I’m looking to get into some trouble tonight.
Me: Illegal or legal?
MILF: (laughing) Depends . . . . . I want to get on top of this go-go dancer platform and start dancing.
Me: Sure, that’s fine, but ONLY IF YOU’RE GOOD.
MILF: You bet your ass I am!!!

I then start teasing her about how she would be no competition for me on the dance floor. Using the same “my friend is going to Australia” bit, I eventually pull her to our table, and sit her down. Haha, I can see Matador and Cosmo from VH1’s Pick Up Artist nearby. Suddenly, an obvious PUA approaches us as we’re sitting down and opens, “You two definitely look like you would . . . . (long drawn out pause) . . . . have a cigarette on you.” MILF has a “wtf” look on her face and I calmly reply “Nah, we don’t. Sorry bro.” He introduces himself, and I play along without giving off any jealously or neediness. I suggest that he ask the guys at the table across the way, and he leaves without putting up much of a fight.

Nearby, Dennis Rodman is at a cabana with a camera crew, filming his new reality show. By this point, I had already been doing a lot of kino, and we were sitting side by side touching each other. MILF says she wants to go over to the cabana and bite Dennis Rodman’s ear off. I reply:

Me: “Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said you wanted to get into trouble tonight!”
MILF: “Yeah, all kinds of trouble!!”
Me: (lightly squeezing her knee) Really?? ALL kinds of trouble, eh?? (looking at her with bedroom eyes)
MILF: (reciprocating the same look) Yeah . . . . . .

And then I go in for the kiss close. Score.

Haha, after some time goes by, I notice Gareth and JT nearby. At some point, I’m talking with them, and they’re telling me I can f-close this MILF. I sheepishly reply that I don’t have any condoms on me. Without missing a beat, Gareth hands me some condoms and tells me to go do my thing.

I’m back hanging out with MILF . . . . . and Utah girl comes back from the dance floor!!!! My natural reaction . . . . . I introduce Utah girl to MILF. Utah girl seems a little jealous. MILF starts talking shit about Utah girl in my ear, as MILF’s guy friend talks to Utah girl. MILF is saying how much better her legs are than Utah’s legs. In the end, MILF is already into me, it’s a done deal, and I let Utah girl walk away with her friends. Arggghh!!! Looking back, I should have tried harder to merge them together. I should have called MILF out. I should have brought Utah over and said, “Hey Utah, MILF says she has better legs than you, whaddya think of that??” Haha.

Okay, this field report is turning out longer than expected. In the end, I didn’t f-close MILF that night, but did set up a future date. I’ll complete Day 3/ Night 3 and Conclusion after I take care of some clients right now.”

Originally posted on the ABCs forums here: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/community/reviews-testimonials-f42/july-2009-la-bootcamp-fr-t3564.html

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