12 Weeks of Fury Initial Review and Followup

by Gareth Jones on September 3, 2010

At the ABCs, we offer a 3-Month, extended training program designed to iron out every aspect of your game. You can check it out here. Synthetic was one of the first students to take part in it and below you’ll find his initial impressions of the program, as well as his followup, several weeks later.

“Review for ABCs of Attraction 12 Weeks of Fury with Asian Playboy (October 6 – October 8 )

I will write this review as it pertains to my personal experience, thoughts and growth, and in the most honest way possible.Background & Pre-Bootcamp:I just recently turned 24, and quite frankly I sucked with girls (didn’t date till I was 22 and I had the Asian Lemming syndrome, get a good job the girls will come) till about 2-3 months ago. As I’ve been told by others, I am a pretty good looking guy (5’10” pardon the Asian genes, athletic, and a good smile), but my mental blockades and programming really prevented me from realizing any success with women.

I didn’t get my first kiss till I was 23 (embarrassing I know).

I took a VA bootcamp around August 13. I didn’t really begin pickup till that week before. I did well in the VA bootcamp, got number closes, some kisses on the cheek, and Matador was my teacher for the 3rd day personal training. I still had some rough edges to sand down.


JT – Also known as the Asian Playboy. JT was a really laid back guy for me (however, he was more strict with the other two applicants in the 12 weeks of fury). He was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions regarding game. He also made numerous comments (how too much Buying Temperature (BT) on an Asian girl can make her feel uncomfortable while the same amount of BT is just fine for a Caucasian girl).

Gareth – JT’s assistant for the program. Gareth is a very cool guy, he critiqued all aspects of my game. He found my weakness (story-telling) and worked to improve it. He is super savvy on fashion and told me what to wear and what not.

Gareth and JT taught me a lot about Body Positioning and how to really defend AMOGs.

Program itself:
The 12 weeks of fury program is a 3 month long program where it initially starts with a midweek boot camp and from there, your abilities are evaluated.

Midweek Boot Camp – 4 hours of class then a club of their choice
Day 1 – Approached around 20 sets, brought back 10 sets, bantered a bit. Was really having fun and got lost in the moment. Gareth then proceeded to yell at me and say go get number closes. I then proceed to get as many numbers in the last 20 minutes of closing. I get 2 numbers (trying to refind a girl in a club is quite tough)

Day 2 – This day was emphasizing on building a connection. Approached ~20 sets, locked in with a girl. She was pulled out by her friend. Then the girl who I got the SNL noticed me (I was dressed like the waiter and yes I got laid), I was not talking to her and her friend approached me to talk to her. I talk, dance and kino plow the crap out of her (thanks Matador). It’s getting hot and heavy on the dance floor, we’re making out. I get her number and she ejects from the dance floor. I text her a message within 5 minutes, and I’m wondering do I pull her to the bathroom since she’s about to leave. JT then proceeds to coach me on the spot (while the girl wasn’t looking) and actually help me get the girl back to my place by amoging some other guys.

Day 3 – This day was emphasizing on building connections and trying to kiss close. I was dead tired (I was up till 5am and I had to drive the girl back to her place). I approached a lot of sets, my dance game is pretty good, I get a few numbers from dancing and having fun and bantering. I pull 0 girls back to the table. JT proceeds to tell me you’re having too much fun and got to really get back in track.

Note: Gareth proceeds to coach us on end of Night 1 and Night 3. Night 2 I was away so I don’t know if he did. Gareth saw us on the floor, saw our weaknesses and strengths and evaluated it on the spot. Gareth did not wing us in, rather, he forced us to approach.

– Synthetic aka David”

As Synthetic says, one month later:

So month 1 has passed.Reviews onJT:
So I’ve been in the field with JT 1 time directly with him coaching (out of 2 time possible, we’ve postponed the other one). He notices that I am lacking dominance, I need to use social pressure to get the girl to come to me and lean into me. I watch him pretty much seduce the promoter whose this smoking hot Hapa or Korean chick (~9 for sure). She has fun with us and gives us her card afterwards. JT starts kino almost immediately after opening and it’s crazy how the girl isn’t creeped out and in fact, liking it. JT coaches me how to alpha dominant the conversation and kino plow quickly (I usually kino plow once comfort has begun).

Other then the fact JT constantly tells me to pick up Asian chicks at mixed clubs versus Asian clubs (I can’t help it, I need my yellow fix), JT is awesome. Thinking about it, I may have been able to pull the Japanese fob chick for SNL #2 in this program.

Random fact: I went to a lair meeting (Casanova Crew) and met Sexual Chocolate (former instructor for Mehow). I was a more vocal attendee and he made me demonstrate my direct opener on Hydro. JT has trained me well, so when I did the opener, Sexual Chocolate noticed my strong body language and told the audience, “I like your body language, it’s strong and it’s a good opener.” Boo yah, I was nervous as hell esp in front of a lair meeting! I’ve done this opener ~5 times (still getting out of indirect -> direct) and it’s hooked everytime AFTER JT made me do it the first time (first time didn’t hook, my body language was horrible).

My main man. Gareth has helped me through ups and downs of becoming a gentleman (not a PUA mind you). Gareth really emphasizes on making connections with females and not trying to bed every hot girl you see.

I got really cocky at times from the SNL/SDL and he put me back in order. Gareth’s suaveness and ability to read emotional states / body language really puts him at the top of his game. When I was out at Bardot with him, he was spot on that the London chick I number-closed would flake on me. He wants me to improve my hook, and I’m getting there, no longer approaching 20 sets, down to 10 sets with ~50% hook. Gareth also helps me on story-telling and putting punch lines on my stories, so I appear more interesting to the girl.

Oz is a daygamer and coaches me via text on how to pull girls for Day 2 / escalation. My daygamed girls both flaked on me at some point. I manage to get 1/2 girls back and got the SDL with her.

I haven’t daygamed in person with him yet due to scheduling problems. My goal with him? 50 Non-Asian numbers using my pet dog at UCLA/CSUN/CSULA. This will be fun. (I get Asian numbers easily, Non-Asian is more challenging because it pushes me out of the comfort zone.)

I love it. I love the price, the personal attention and quite frankly, I am honored to be one of the first graduates of this program. The camaraderie is amazing. These guys are not just PUAs who want your money (heh, somebody comes to mind and they know who I’m talking about), they are your mentors, your brothers and even life long people you want to befriend.”

P.s. Did we mention Synthetic got LAID during the bootcamp???

Originally posted on the ABCs forums here: http://www.abcsofattraction.com/community/reviews-testimonials-f42/12-weeks-of-fury-review-by-same-night-lay-student-t3870.html

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